Freezing Child Stands Alone Begging For Help And Only One Woman Stops To Help

Published October 28, 2017 801 Views $9.67 earned

Rumble / Social ExperimentsMost people would stop and offer to help if they were to see a small, homeless child begging on the street. However others might walk away and ignore them. YouTuber RobbyTV decided to throw a social experiment in order to find out what kind of reactions that might provoke.

Robby had Emerson stand on the side of the street without a jacket in very cold weather to see if people would help him. He is a child actor and was hired to pose as a helpless, homeless child on the busy streets of a big metropolis, dressed in dirty clothes, holding a huge sign that reads "Homeless and hungry. Please help”.

Many strangers passed the “helpless” child without even noticing him, nobody seemed to care so they decided to move the spot and see if that would change anything.

They filmed for one hour and only one person stopped to help. A woman in red jacket approached the boy and stopped to see if he is OK and if he needs help. This woman offered her jacket to the little boy. She asked where his mom was and the boy said that she left him there. The woman reaches for her bag and starts dialing numbers.

Hopefully this video will make you think things through next time you see a person in need. There is so much you can do to help!


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    Apathy is killing us all!

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