Reed Dance- 13 _(wcp-13)

BiohazardPublished: October 28, 2017
Published: October 28, 2017

Reed Dance Ceremony

The Reed Dance Ceremony is a cultural event in the Kingdom of Swaziland that takes place late August or early September of the year. Maidens from every area of the kingdom participate to honor and pay homage to the Queen mother. The day of the Reed Dance begins with bathing and grooming prior to appearing before the king and queen mother. The girls wear short beaded skirts decorated with fringes and buttons, together with anklets, bracelets and necklaces and colorful sashes.
The Royal Family Princesses wear red feathers in their hair and lead the maidens to perform before their majesties. The Reed Dance attracts young maidens and young men from across the Kingdom and fosters the unity of the clans which characterizes modern Swaziland and devoid of tribal differences.

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