2024 Election Forecast: GOP's Future & Raheem Kassam's Insights

5 months ago

In this episode of the Jeremy Ryan Slate Show, Jeremy sits down with Raheem Kassam, Editor in Chief of the National Pulse, to discuss the current state of the Republican Party and make predictions for the upcoming 2024 election. Raheem accurately predicted several key developments in his last appearance on the show, including the divide between the MAGA base and the alternative Republican Party, the decline of Fox News, and the political challenges faced by Ron DeSantis.

They delve into the sentiment of the voting populace and examine how grassroots activism and the Speaker battle have influenced the political landscape. Raheem also shares insights from his conversations with Donald Trump and discusses the potential impact of legal and ballot challenges on the 2024 campaign.

Don't miss this thought-provoking conversation that explores the future of the Republican Party and offers valuable insights into the upcoming election. Tune in now!

00:00 Introduction
2:39 Predictions from last year
5:01 Importance of grassroots activism
7:29 Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House
9:50 Democratic Party concerns about Joe Biden's leadership
12:16 Kamala Harris as a potential successor to Biden
14:40 Psyop surrounding RFK Jr.'s campaign
15:47 Trump's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic
18:08 Trump's potential actions if reelected
20:56 GOP's issues and Ronna McDaniel's ineffectiveness
23:21 Vivek Ramaswamy and his role in the vice presidential campaign


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