Old Man reacts to "Superman" –Not a Tom MacDonald Reaction!

3 months ago

I wanted to react to Tom's new song, Superman, but to be honest, it left me flat, for reasons that I explain in this video. It did remind me, however, that there was another song called Superman back in the day by one of my favorite groups, The Kinks!

"(I wish I could fly like a) Superman" went to #41 on the American charts for the Kinks in 1979. I also found an interesting cartoon version of the song which is a lot of fun.

Here is a link to the original video:


By the way, the flip side of that single was another great Kinks song, "Low Budget", which became the title of The Kink's 18th studio album!

Here is a link to a reaction that I did to that song earlier this year:


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