Frenchie And A Tennis Ball Will Win Your Heart!

Published October 27, 2017 145 Plays $8.98 earned

Rumble Blankie can easily be a part of the National Tennis Team though he understands how stressful it is. He is a real expert who knows all theory and all terms the specialist is aware of. But that does not mean there are no challenging moments in the life of this sweet doggy. For instance, this one when Blankie wants to get hold of the tennis ball but can’t reach it! He tries so hard but nothing works. Somebody put the tennis ball on the couch and Doggy has short legs so the ball is out of reach. He calculates all possibilities to get it as soon as possible. He chooses a very weird tactic and starts talking with a ball. I also like the way he looks at the owner.Will he manage that? Let us watch to find out!