Babies Explain The 11 Stages of Your Work Day

AFVPublished: October 26, 201772 views
Published: October 26, 2017

These babies and toddlers may be small but they have a big personality. The attitude and sass brought to you in this compilation perfectly explain the 11 struggles (I mean, STAGES) of your workday. 1. WHEN THE ALARM GOES OFF 2. JAMMIN DURING YOUR COMMUTE 3. WHEN THE COFFEE IS READY 4. WHEN THE MEETING NEVER ENDS 5. BEFORE LUNCH 6. DURING LUNCH 7. AFTER LUNCH 8. WHEN YOU REALIZE HOW BIG YOUR TO-DO LIST IS 9. WHEN YOUR BOSS SAYS YOU CAN LEAVE EARLY 10. AFTER WORK EXPECTATIONS 11. AFTER WORK REALITY

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