This Motorcyclist Barely Misses A Panther Dashing Across The Highway

WFTX Published October 26, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble A man in Fort Myers, Florida, captured the moment when a panther dashes out in front of his motorcycle.

It happened on Wednesday night while he was heading in direction of Daniels Parkway near Gateway. You can clearly see the panther shooting in front of the motorcyclist as he passes by. The video was made with the GoPro camera attached on the motor of the driver, Andrew. Keeping up with that speed while driving in the dark, it was a sheer luck for both big cat and motorcyclist that collision and damage were avoided in the nick of time. It was definitely a close call and a dramatic sight to witness.

This area is well-known for panther sightings. It is noteworthy to mention that now, unlike some 50 years ago, it is more likely to come across black bears and panthers in Florida. Thanks to the internet, we can see pictures and videos people are reporting and sharing from those sightings. This is commendable because it is a clear proof that Florida’s efforts for conservation of these large mammals are giving effect. Chance encounters such as this one are a good sigh and quality information that helps scientist with research and management of these species.

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