Globalists are Decimating the Middle Class. How Can They Best Respond?

3 months ago

Globalists are Decimating the Middle Class. How Can They Best Respond?
Rick Rule - Iconic Resources Investor,

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Since 1913, America’s economy has been under the thumb of the central banksters. And they have not cared much about the interests of the middle class, that same middle class that built America’s industrial base. Even earlier, though, as DiLorenzo wrote in his classic, “How Capitalism Saved America”, businessmen were receiving bank loans and diverting capital away from productive investment… generally toward political boondoggles.

With the central bank, though, the diversion of capital has reached epic proportions, where every bureaucracy in DC and the state capitals has become troughs for make-work projects and woke investments in Great Reset programs which are endangering our lives. Today we’ve barely escaped livelihood-sabotaging lockdowns but have now entered another, possible World War scenario, funded by endless money printing by the Fed. Markets are spooked, and families with discretionary income are desperate for investment advice that will protect and grow their assets.

To answer that call, a cohort of investment professionals have grown a school of finance based on Resources, not just Wall Street stocks. They put cash into companies that produce things or extract resources from the ground, such as commodities like uranium, copper, oil, or nickel. Mr. Rule – former President and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings – isn’t the first of these experts to advise on Freedom Hub. Previous leaders who have graced our show include Adrian Day and Tom Luongo. We even had a bank entrepreneur, Frank Trotter, who wanted these investment options included as a part of his new banking venture.

So, with endless inflation, globalist schemes, and ever-rising interest rates, how can we invest to protect assets and restore the middle class?

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