Dog Shows Off Array Of Tricks In Impressive Compilation

Published October 26, 2017 13,762 Plays

Rumble / CompilationsDogs are very smart, and if you needed any proof for that, you should watch this video. It's no secret that pooches can learn a lot of tricks in their lifetime, but this pupper is truly one of a kind! He is so synced with his owner that it almost looks as if they're sharing the same mind!

Brownie is a Schipperke mix, which is a small Belgian breed of dog that originated a long time ago - in the 16th century. There has been a long informal debate over whether this type of dog is a spitz or miniature sheepdog. In their home country of Belgium they are considered a small shepherd.

Although this breed is known to be stubborn and mischievous with a headstrong temperament, Brownie shows that they are also very obedient and agile dogs. We simply can't believe how many tricks he knows! Some dogs just like laying around or hanging out with babies, but this one clearly has his mind set to be the best of them all!

He also has a motivation for doing these tricks - his loving owner rewards him with a tasty treat after every successful tricks, and we are sure that he will learn plenty more in the time to come. And we can't wait to see what else he learns!