Nobody Hates Prius More Than This Moose

Published October 26, 2017 15,587 Plays $33.43 earned

Rumble This angry moose hates Prius so much and is on a mission to destroy the helpless car. The wild animal was probably just utterly confused by the big metal contraption. The moose was ramming its antlers into a Prius parked in the driveway and then went for the mailbox. Apparently it did close to $6,000 in damage to the car. It doesn't involve the Prius hitting the moose, it's the other way around.

Alberta Laktonen, who posted this video to YouTube, said she initially spotted the moose wandering in a neighbor's yard while she was walking her dogs. Laktonen said she returned to find the moose attacking her mailbox and her Toyota Prius.

This woman left her home and went for a morning walk with her dogs and noticed a moose peacefully nibbling out of her neighbor's yard. When she returned from the walk, the moose was agitated and attacking her car and mailbox. He instant was to start recording in order to document for insurance, and also to share with friends and family. The attack went on much longer than she initially expected. Her dogs well-behaved during the whole incident, and no animals or people were injured.

This moose was exercising pretty typical "demonstrating" behavior for the rutting season which basically means that its hormones are raging and it has this need to show off and show how tough it is!