Precious Flower Girl Sees Dad While Going Down The Isle, Stops To Say Hi

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Published: October 26, 2017

A wedding wouldn't be complete without cute little flower girls. These girls are usually members of the bride and groom's extended families or children of their friends and are usually between seven and ten years of age.Their duty is to walk in front of the bride and scatter flower petals on the floor, although this tradition can vary.

These cutie pies have a symbolic role in the wedding as well, as they are said to lead the bride from innocence to womanhood and her new role as a spouse. That's why they even wear similar dresses as the bride.

But more often than not, flower girls and kids at weddings in general, don't go according to the script (duh, they're just kids and they want to have fun), which results in hilarious weddingmoments that quickly become viral on the internet. Because hey, who can resist a good chuckle?

This particular flower girl pretty much goes according to plan, but then she sees her dad filming her. And of course, she decides that it would only be polite to stop and say hi. She does exactly that, and you can hear the guests laughing at this preciously sweet moment. How adorable is that?

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      DavidMcNab ยท 16 weeks ago

      Extremely cute!