From The Vault: Snowball fights on Halloween weekend in Cincinnati in 1993

WCPOPublished: October 26, 2017
Published: October 26, 2017

A surprise snowstorm hit the Cincinnati area on the weekend of Oct. 30-31, 1993. When it ended on Sunday, there were 6.2 inches on the ground, marking the first White Halloween on record in the region. The 5.9 inches of snow on Saturday – Halloween Eve - was a record for a single day in October. The next day, the coldest high temperature for Halloween - just 36 degrees – kept a lot of trick-or-treaters home. Besides snowball fights, a popular activity was building a snowman with a pumpkin head. UC held its homecoming football game in a driving snowstorm. A Boy Scout camporee in Loveland that attracted 4,000 scouts from around the Midwest went on as scheduled,

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