Morning Sunlight dances on the most adorable puppies

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Rumble These orphaned cuties have a particular aversion to bathtime! 

Orphaned puppies all have one thing in common, they are gross.  They pee and poo wherever and whenever the urge strikes them.  This includes on their sleeping siblings.  In fact, a sleeping sibling seems to be an invitation!  It's almost like putting your best friends finger in warm water, drawing something vulgar on their face, all while they are "sleeping" due to "copious" amounts of alcohol.

The only two options that I, as a foster dad, have for orphan litters is to:

Stand poop watch-24hrs a day, 7-days a week.  When we first started fostering, I tried this.  It doesn't work! Puppies do not synchronize their bathroom breaks like some human women.
Daily baths-This option is the bee's knees.  
Daily baths also provide me with amazing opportunities to capture the overarching "vibe" of a litter in general, and individual puppies specifically. 

There are usually three different kind of personalities that we see when the puppies have to get their morning wash. 

Timid- Usually hiding underneath the rest of his/her siblings, whining softly. 
Annoyed- Usually has paws up on side of tub, barking at foster dad to "let them out of here right now"(The two sisters in the video fall here)
Curious- Usually playing with the water, his/her siblings tail, the shampoo bottles, etc 
The natural variance in their reaction to getting cleaned up is intensely interesting to me.  I can often make predictions about their behavior in other situations based on how they react to this one.  But, more than anything else, these bathtimes are extremely cute! 

If anyone is concerned about them being wet, I dry them immediately after bathing, I just can't take a video and dry the babies off at the same time.  Also, the water is warm and I blow dry them too! Thanks for watching our video and you can see more of these pups at


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