Incredible variety of African wildlife visit waterhole

Published October 25, 2017 6,195 Plays $9.41 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeEvery year, the African wilderness of North Eastern South Africa goes through a harsh dry period that roughly lasts for 6 months and sometimes even a year. While the drought holds this wilderness area firmly in its grip, conditions for wildlife becomes really tough and challenging. The grass and leaf eaters take the biggest strain as food becomes extremely scarce and vast. Then the one and only thing that can bring all wildlife to their knees – The Lack of Water.

Only certain areas and places might hold water right through the dry season and these waterholes become more and more limited towards the end of the season. Animals have to travel huge distances, just for their daily water requirements. All of this in turn, creates some of the most incredible Safari game viewing opportunities. This video is a great example of a remote waterhole at the peak of the dry season. Spend 8 hours at this waterhole and the masses of wildlife that visited during that time was astounding. Wildlife that came to drink during that 8 hours included Giraffe, Kudu antelope, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, troop of Baboons, pack of Banded Mongoose and masses of Impala antelope.

No chance of seeing this amount of African Wildlife in such a short period of time at any other time of the year. Once the heavy rains arrive back in summer again, the area slowly returns back to a lush, green and extremely thick wilderness paradise. Water is plenty and animals just have to look left or right to find some drinking water. During this time, game viewing then becomes a lot more challenging as animals now are scattered all over and not concentrated around waterholes anymore.