Bijon Frise screams with excitement for his favorite toy

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Published: October 24, 2017Updated: October 26, 2017

Benji is a five year old Bijon Frise who still plays like a puppy. He has his favorite toys and his favorite games and when Bill gets ready to throw the toys he whines and screams with anticipation. Bill taunts Benji a little bit which Benji loves. By the time the toys are launched, Benji is wound as tight as a spring. He runs off screaming to get the toy and bring it back.

This game goes on all day and evening if Benji gets his way.

Benji is actually Betsy's dog, but for some reason, Benji will not perform for her like he will for Bill. He stares at her but refuses to squeal.

Betsy gives up and passes the toy to Bill and the squeals begin instantly. There are only a few select toys that get such a response from this little dog and he refuses to get so worked up over the wrong ones.

Murphy is a Leonberger and he watches these games with interest. He occasionally joins in and tries to get the toys when they are thrown, but he knows too big to be as agile
as Benji. Still, he occasionally finds himself in the right position to get the toy before Benji. This makes the little dog run around in circles until Murphy puts it down.

When it comes to playtime, it's serious business for Benji.

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