Campus Earth Curriculum #26: The Legacy of JFK with Bruce de Torres

7 months ago

In this week's episode of the Campus Earth Curriculum, Brandi, Vincent and Bruce enjoy a wide-ranging discussion about the long-lasting impact of John F. Kennedy... the man, the President, the forces he was up against, and his assassination. The 60th anniversary of JFK's assassination is November 22, 2023.

After getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting and directing, pursuing an acting career in New York and points west, and performing lead roles in comedies, dramas and musicals, Bruce de Torres decided to write a book about energy, consciousness, and the nature of reality. 9/11 happened along the way. After years of research, he incorporated it and similar things in GOD, SCHOOL, 9/11 AND JFK: The Lies That Are Killing Us and The Truth That Sets Us Free. Bruce is TrineDay Publishing's Marketing Director, moderator of TrineDay’s podcast, THE JOURNEY: CONVERSATIONS WITH PUBLISHER KRIS MILLEGAN, and host of WORLDSTAGE WITH BRUCE DE TORRES on TNT Radio.Live.

*thumbnail Photo of JFK by History in HD on Unsplash (edited)

MENTIONED in this podcast:
God, School, 9/11 and JFK: The Lies That Are Killing Us and The Truth That Sets Us Free: de Torres, Bruce: 9781634243490: Books

Who We Are: America's Fight for Universal... by Chaitkin, Anton (

JFK Press Conferences (all 64)

Dope, Inc. by Lyndon LaRouche (Free download!)

Hamilton versus Wall Street: The Core Principles of the American System of Economics: Spannaus, Nancy Bradeen: 9781532067549: Books

Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy... by Gibson, Donald (

America's Last President: What the World... by Wiesak, Monika (

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