Family Of Dinosaurs Is Waiting For A Girl To Get Off The School Bus

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Published: October 24, 2017

The last thing you expect to see when you get off the school bus is a family of dinosaurs waiting for you, however this girl was up for a big surprise when her entire family, aside from one person holding the camera, dressed up in dinosaur costumes and waited to greet her as the school bus arrived on the bus stop. This happened on September 22, 2017 in Orting, Washington, USA.

Getting off the school bus gives a liberating feeling to every child, because there’s nothing better than the freedom of the pavement beneath your sneakers. Stepping off that bus means that you are free for the rest of the evening, and that is very pleasing. The only thing that could make getting off the school bus feel even better would be if there were something unbelievably amazing waiting for you right outside.

The girl is overjoyed with excitement and starts running towards the camera, making this a game of chase. Most people would probably react the same after seeing a clan of T-Rex. This silly family prank will put a smile on your face and give you great ideas for how to surprise your kids. For one lucky little girl, that’s exactly what happened.

"My family and I decided to dress up in costumes as our oldest daughter came home from school. We encourage our children to work hard, play hard, and not take life too seriously as shown clearly in this video." says Kimberly White Kimberly White and the rest of her family were there at the bus stop to see her eldest daughter get off the school bus. Some students may think it is really weird, but they must have secretly wished their families were that much fun too.

Pranks with dinosaurs are not something new. Take this very brave park ranger, for instance, he couldn’t find a less dangerous hobby than to tease the enormous alligator with a fish, in this hair-raising video. We are not sure whether to call him brave or insane but this daredevil comes within inches of the massive snapping alligator as he lures him with a fish. Maybe one good thing is the costume he is dressed in, it doesn’t give him a hundred percent protection, it may only alleviate the bite if that happened since it is thick and soft. Jason can’t stop taunting the green beast prompting it to launch itself out the water towards him. At one moment Jason is just inches away from the animals snapping jaws as he dangles the irate animal's dinner in the air.

Jason's reasoning? "I know it looks like we are teasing him, but he's a chunky alligator so we make him work for his food to burn some calories." He also adds that feeding the gators in the T-Rex costume is insanely hard, because vision is already difficult, plus the visor fogs up from the breathing and you can't extend your arms all the way in order to gain some distance. T-Rexes have really short hands, you know!

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