Puppy Sees Waves For The First Time And His Reaction Is Just As You'd Expect

rumblestaffPublished: October 24, 2017Updated: October 25, 2017393 views
Published: October 24, 2017Updated: October 25, 2017

It must be awesome to be a young puppy, discovering the world with entirely different eyes. Everything is fun and exciting, you don’t understand much of what is happening, but it tickles your curiosity and you just want to go out and explore!

Don’t believe us, take Rollie as an example! The Golden Retriever puppy, whose name is pronounced Rah-lee, went from his home in Wisconsin, USA, to Golden Park 7 bridges on Lake Michigan in South Milwaukee with his owners this past September and he got to see first hand how the gorgeous lake was rolling into tiny waves.

The foaming water scared the 9-month-old pup out of his mind, not knowing what to expect from the natural occurrence and his first reaction was to bark at it! We wouldn’t expect anything less from a curious Goldie. He jumps back and forth in the rubble on the shore, not sure if he can trust this great expanse.

But curiosity got the best of brave little Rollie, as before he even knows it, his feet are in the water and he realizes that this is just like the stuff his owners bathe him with at home! Only much bigger and colder, of course.

Full credit: https://www.instagram.com/rolliethegolden/

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