Cute Ring Bearer Takes His Precious Time And Slowly Walks Down The Aisle

Published October 24, 2017 1,352 Views

Rumble / Memorable WeddingsIt’s always cute when toddlers and young children are given a vital part to play in weddings. The chirpy little faces and sheer excitement at being seriously important for the day, is almost too much to handle.

In fact, it was way too much to handle for this little boy who was given a very important role of being the ring bearer. He started off timidly walking down the aisle without being distracted by the many faces around him. He took his role very seriously and delivered the rings in style by approaching the groom very, very slowly. He has a very serious face expression the entire time!

Jaxson is the ring bearer in Jeremy and Kelley Irwin's wedding and he is only 28 months old. He practiced with his mom walking slow and he definitely put the emphasis on the slow part, and took it by heart. It takes him over a minute to make it down the aisle! This adorable boy take his precious time and doesn’t even try to speed up the process!

It is hilarious to see how this little boy is clutching on the pillow very tightly and it seems like he won’t let go. Little boy’s mom is recording the video and she calls for him to come, but he continues to slowly walk down the aisle, as the guests are delighted by his sweet entrance! When he finally reaches the groom, wedding guest cheer and the boy remains cool.

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