Baby Keeps Mommy Motivated During A Grueling CrossFit Workout

jmaringPublished: October 24, 2017Updated: October 25, 20174,037 views
Published: October 24, 2017Updated: October 25, 2017

Being a mom can be hard and exhausting, but there are moms out there who wouldn’t set aside their workout time for the world. Baby’s fed, changed and put to sleep, so the time comes for mommy to break some sweat and try to get back into her pre-baby jeans. One loud creak from the hardwood floors can wake the baby up, though, so they do it as quietly as possible.

Then, sometimes you’ve just got to get a workout in, but your baby or toddler doesn’t want to leave you alone. You can ‘use’ your baby was a squirming dumbbell, or do what this mom did - take him to the CrossFit gym!

Watch as the inseparable duo lay down on the rubber mat floor and motivate each other into doing some CrossFit-style push ups. The tiny chubster might look like a tiny bundle of joy, but do not let those pink folds worthy of nibbles fool you. Underneath all that baby fat are super strong muscles that can perform a push up with best form!

Young kid are very impressionable, so everything you do around and with them at that age will stick with them for life! So taking your kid to the gym to see you work out will teach them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and hard work early on, so don’t leave them at home!

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