Relaxed Westie Enjoys Cozy Sauna Treatment After A Long Day

Published October 24, 2017 946 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPet sauna is a wonderful alternative natural therapy to help heal and comfort your beloved pet. Cats and dogs love far infrared heat, which is naturally present within their own bodies, which is why your pet likes to lay in the sunlight for hours. Numerous owners find their pet's curling up underneath the sauna dome, basking in the gentle warmth, and refusing to move!

Ogi, the dog decided he needed a day off from being a pet and decided to join the human squad! He heard that a day in the spa can do miracles for your skin and health, so he gave it a try! Watch as this dog takes in the delights of the sauna treatment.

The video shows a man walking into a saunadoor to find his dog relaxing on the wooden bench. To his total surprise the dog is really enjoying his sauna treatment. He is sitting in the corner and is tucked in with a towel, taking in the warm temperature and washing away all toxins. Have you ever seen a dog enjoying the delights of the sauna before?

This Westie
loves bathing in the sauna! He rests on the highest bench and sits still, not moving a muscle. At first sight, he looks like a stuffed animal! He started sauna bathing just like that, and he does it like a pro. Sometimes cozy sauna is the cure to all dog problems!