Censorship conspiracy with Emma Jo Morris from Breitbart News

3 months ago

Breitbart’s Emma Jo Morris joins EmpowerU this evening. Learn how an unholy alliance among our nation’s Intelligence Community, Social Media, and the Establishment Press silenced Emma’s reporting and kept the American people from learning the truth about the Biden Crime Family.

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In Emma’s talk, you’ll learn:

How Emma-Jo secured the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop
The hurdles she faced in getting her stories published.
What it was like for her when her work was published…how it felt to be smeared and ridiculed by the “mainstream media,” and censored by all of social media
How she endured, and what the move to Breitbart News did to turbo-charge her resolve.
What the victories large and small really mean:
Some of Emma’s ongoing investigations include New York Times Curated Distorted Hit Piece Targeting Hasidic Jews, Leading to Yeshiva Regulation, spending a day with a Biden migrant who arrived in New York City on a bus sent by Governor Abbot, comprised of mostly adult men, and private school teachers nationwide being trained by Black Panthers to implement race-essentialist and cultural Marxist curriculum.

This class was recorded on November 8th, 2023.

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