Befriended Cat And Duck Engage In Epic Play Fight

Published October 24, 2017 7,375,606 Views $101.34 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThe phrase 'pick on someone your own size' comes to mind when I see this strange pair of sparring partners, a cuddly young cat and a fierce duck.The cat and its bird pal are similar in size and shape, and maybe that encouraged them to become best friends, who often enjoy going toe-to-toe in adorable play fights.

This heart-warming video shows the pair exchanging harmless blows as they roll around in their owner's garden. The friendly pair peck and bite at one another, testing their strengths as they push and pull side-to-side.These best buddies take part in an adorably epic playtime together. Who will be the winner?

A cat is relaxing on the porch when a duck comes rushing towards it and starts to pick a fight. This duck is so determined to get the cat and doesn’t give up on its intention. She is so stubborn and attacks the cat, over and over again, by gently biting her with the beak and teasing her.

The cat is somewhat enjoying this friendly fight, but it seems like she is being annoyed and just wants the duck to stop bothering her and leave her alone! The duck keeps nagging and coming after!

However, they are more than aware where the line between playful and aggressive behavior ends. Despite getting a grip of each other at numerous times throughout the two minute clip, they release after a short while and get back to leaping and jumping around together.

The cat struggles to shake off the annoying duck, and even jumps from the porch onto the lawn and continues to follow the cat!