Rise of Totalitarian Twits - Watchmen Radio -11/08/23

8 months ago

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Received a dream of famine, but we don’t know when it will come to pass.

The very false “Hell is a temporary washing machine” doctrine is still making rounds.

Torah or Law keeping Christians are a la carte Jews since they don’t wear the box on their heads like it says to in the Law of Moses, and the law says one must keep the whole law.

Democrats love their 83,000 armed IRS agents, and are livid at the idea of cutting their funding.

Satanic Democrats are also tying to use their corrupt judges to grab Trump’s businesses from him.

Black horse: famine

Green horse: plagues

Red horse : war

Genesis 6:13 earth is now again filled with violence

Prepare for food shortages, the wise man sees the evil times coming and prepares for them like Noah and Joseph did.

Trump supporters get thrown in jail for taking selfies on #J6 but Hamas can take over the Capitol without consequences.

Ukraine and Russian grain exports are down, USA fertilizer production is down thanks to oil production being down, setting the stage for high food prices.

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