Newfoundland Is Not Too Happy With His Halloween Costume

Published October 23, 2017 21,573 Plays $59.73 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPet owners love dressing up their dogs for Halloween, but the only problem is, dogs don't always love wearing costumes. Pets don't think it's a treat to wear masks for their owners' amusement.

Ralphie, the Newfoundland dog, got such a treat from his owners and found himself dressed up like a troll for Halloween. His owners put on a troll wig on him and he just hates it!

During Halloween season, cats might look like dogs and dogs might look like cats. Pictures of dogs in costumes on social media usually provoke two kinds of comments, people have divided opinion on this matter. They either think it is adorable, or terrible.

Some will argue that “Dogs aren’t people,” so they shouldn’t be dressed up. Others say that some dogs get chilly and actually need the added warmth of extra clothes, and if you live in a place with harsh weather, these clothes are important.

However, some dogs hate the feeling of clothes. Dogs with thick fur can get overheated, so it’s important that they stay as “naked” as possible.

Other dogs don’t like the feeling of confinement and will tug at any new clothes to get them off. And some dogs are nervous or anxious and will find the sudden attention and touching to be frightening.

Ralphie is clearly not a fan of his troll wig and constantly tries to take it off, but his owners tells him not to! Poor Ralphie, he is genuinely sad and wants his brown fur back!