Freak 3.5m wave slightly floods Rio de Janeiro

3 months ago

A freak wave rolled in over Rio de Janeiro, and just kept rolling. Umbrellas, towels, people and the beach itself were no match for the ‘sneaker wave,’ an unusually high wave that appears to be a regular wave, until it’s too late. This particular one was a miniature tsunami, reaching 3.5m tall. The wave continued into the city itself, flooding the Leblon neighborhood and prompting an industrial-strength cleanup operation to remove the sand, debris and people. Of course, lots of people were filming and putting it on the internet, rather than getting to slightly less wet ground.

It is unclear if anyone was injured, or indeed what caused the freakishly high wave. One working theory is that it was a remnant of a large storm in the South Atlantic, although meteorologists have conceded it might have just been a really big wave.

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