Dashcam captures reckless driver

Published October 22, 2017 49,481 Plays $166.24 earned

Rumble Watch this HD dashcam video of a drive through a couple of intersections. This video was made while bringing a car load of kids to an evening activity in a small town. The occupants observed this reckless driver who cut them off going through an intersection. Concerned for the children's safety, the dashcam owner gives this lunatic driver room. So while the traffic is building up ahead, the aggressive driver has no choice but to wait at the light and then once it turns green he then proceeds muscling and honking his way down the road. Where's the emergency? I am sure annoying all the other vehicles in the process. That could be construed as road rage in my opinion. At least that is how it starts. This dashcam owner has personally witnessed such road rage events in the past. So as the driver continues down the road he then blatantly runs through the next light narrowly avoiding the stopped car in front! Unbelievable, unsafe, bad driving. And on top of all that, he has a tail light out! This is why it is important to have a dashcam in the vehicle at all times. They are not expensive and range in price from maybe $25 for a cheap low resolution to hundreds for really good HD and features. This one was recorded with a Vantue R2 dashcam. Not to bad right? Had there been an accident, I am sure the crazy driver would have either took off or would have been just as aggressive confronting whoever he hit. This one was outright reckless behavior! No concern for anyone on the road. Everyone makes mistakes driving. I am sure everyone has had their own share of close calls and accidents. Please be safe out there. Watch out for kids and motorcycles too!