Stubborn Husky Absolutely Refuses To Go As Batgirl For Halloween

Published October 21, 2017 21,118 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDog owners often dress their pets in costumes for Halloween, but this "talking" Siberian husky named Laika tells her owners that she doesn't want to be Lego Batman or Batgirl. She does not want to wear any kind of costume! Her reaction is hilarious!

It is obvious that Laika isn’t thrilled with the coming up of Halloween costume season and every time her owner asks her if she wants to dress up, she doesn’t show any signs of excitement. To the contrary, the little boy is so excited about dressing up his dog in a costume that he starts imagining things!

First, the boy thinks that Laika somehow moved her head and nodded to accept the Halloween dress-up challenge. Then, the boy says “Her ears said ‘yes’” and is overjoyed with excitement.
Poor guy, he is sooo excited about dressing up the dog in costume that he will see anything!

The dog can then be heard saying one loud “Nooooo” after another, but this little boy is so excited for having his dog dressed up as a Batgirl that he translates that she said “I waaant toooo”. Both parents agree that Laika’s body language shows that she is not thrilled at all!

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