Adorable Baby Engages In A Hilarious Argument With Daddy

AjbabeePublished: October 20, 2017Updated: October 27, 20172,371,966 views
Published: October 20, 2017Updated: October 27, 2017

This is an argument as old as time. Dad decides to school his newborn daughter about the rules of dating, and the little one-month old girl sure has a lot to say! "I don't care if you like him or not, I don't know him", explains her dad but she doesn't accept his argument and speaks her mind, and talks back at him trying to interrupt what he has to say.

Daddy obviously feels very protective of his daughter, and it's never too soon to teach your offspring about the complicated game that is dating. This little cutie pie sure has a long (veeery long) way before even entering the dating pool, but her dad wants her to be as informed as possible.

What's so incredibly cute about this discussion is her constant trying to interrupt her dad and have it her own way. But dad has the higher ground on this one - he is an adult. Also, he can actually speak human words, so baby gibberish may not have a great effect in persuading him to change his mind.

We can totally understand why dad is having this talk with his little girl, because the father - daughter bond is something truly incredible and amazing. Let's just hope that this baby girl will listen to her dad more when she grows up.

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    dcwuk · 1 year ago

    What a lovely clip, made my day!

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    BroncoBob · 1 year ago

    That little lady is gonna have daddy wrapped around her little finger soon, ain't no way he's gettin' out of it either. lol.