109. Everyone is Insufficient in Iodine

7 months ago

Stefan Hartmann PA discusses our need for iodine. His data shows that iodine deficiency is as prolific as vitamin D and thyroid hormone deficiencies.

12:03:56 From Stefan Hartmann, PA-C : ironDPC.com
12:06:25 From - : What if endocrinologists insists that the iodine levels are high for a hypothyroid patient.
12:07:39 From - : It is nice to be in environments where the conversation is over your head, and where you are not always the “smartest” person in the room.
12:08:01 From - : MICHIGAN PLEASE!! YES!!
12:09:19 From Martha Stark, MD : Stefan, what is the ideal blood level for iodine?
12:09:57 From Stasha Roberts : What is the best way to check iodine levels serum or urine
12:14:22 From Dr. Tom Lewis : Preeclampsia is one high blood pressure (hypertension) disorder that can occur during pregnancy. Other disorders can happen, too: Gestational hypertension is high blood pressure that begins after 20 weeks without problems in the kidneys or other organs.
12:15:48 From - : Please address selenium and magnesium supplementation along with iodine intake, in addition to any other minerals. Any suggestions for selenium and magnesium forms and specific recommended products.
12:16:31 From Dr. Tom Lewis : Dr. Kathleen Ruddy
12:17:58 From Wynelle Ulrich : What about Parathyroid tumors & relationship to iodine?
12:18:23 From - : Please address supplementation during pregnancy.
12:19:06 From Dr. Tom Lewis : We will be addressing supplementation during pregnancy on the CHD channel in the near future. That topic is more than a single webinar….
12:19:08 From Steve : A friend of mine has pulmonary fibrosis. Could this also be caused by low iodine?
12:19:33 From Martha Stark, MD : Stefan – Please remind us of the “clinical significance” of supplementing with “iodine”vs. “iodide.”
12:19:56 From - : Replying to "What about Parathyro..."

Several friends have been diagnosed with parathyroid disease in the past few years where surgery was suggested and or undergone. Thank you for this question.
12:20:22 From - : Replying to "We will be addressin..."

Much obliged
12:20:25 From Dr. Tom Lewis : I will cover that Dr. Stark…. Gene Rosov indicated that you can take iodine or iodide and your body will convert to the form it needs. I take I thyroid which has both forms.
12:20:51 From Martha Stark, MD : Replying to "I will cover that Dr..."

Ah, the “wisdom of the body”!!
12:22:31 From Martha Stark, MD : Replying to "I will cover that Dr..."

I now take RLC Labs i-Throid 12.5 mg daily (or every other day) – because I believe you once mentioned taking it and finding wonderful benefit from it!
12:22:39 From Dr. Tom Lewis : Today, scientists recognize this as an essential element in our bodies for thyroid synthesis, metabolism, and function. Selenium is vital for thyroid hormones and an essential antioxidant with enzymes involved in removing toxic elements. Iodine can become toxic if selenium isn't present..
12:23:27 From Brenda : Will iodine help with PCOS?
12:24:00 From Martha Stark, MD : If you take too much iodine/iodide, for what do you need to be on the lookout for as a potential problem (with over-supplementation)!
12:24:08 From Martha Stark, MD : iodine?
12:24:50 From Dr. Tom Lewis : Supplementation with the combination of selenium and iodine resulted in a greater reduction in lipid peroxidation compared with selenium or iodine alone (P < 0.05). Oxidative stress negatively impacts trophoblast cell survival and cellular integrity. Selenium and iodine protect placental trophoblasts against oxidative stress.
12:24:58 From Dr. Tom Lewis : https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12011-020-02277-7#:~:text=Deficiency%20of%20selenium%20and%20iodine,be%20involved%20in%20their%20pathogenesis.
12:25:00 From Steve : use hydroxyapatite for teeth
12:26:06 From Dr. Tom Lewis : A Review of the Potential Interaction of Selenium and Iodine on Placental and Child Health
12:26:16 From Dr. Tom Lewis : https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/12/9/2678
12:27:29 From Joy Gentle : Replying to "Today, scientists re..."

If cofactors required to prevent buildup, then why aren't these cofactors always present in iodine products?
12:27:55 From Dr. Tom Lewis : Joy - Knowledge and profits.
12:28:40 From Martha Stark, MD : So sobering that so many of the drugs in a psychiatrist’s toolkit contain fluoride – Celexa, Lexapro, Paxil, Prozac, and Risperdal. Yikes!
12:29:00 From Joy Gentle : Replying to "Joy - Knowledge and ..."

This is where even good-intended folks can get into a lot of trouble
12:30:00 From Steve : Replying to "I will cover that Dr..."

@Martha Stark, MD I'm heading to my supp cabinet for the Terry Naturally 12mg iodine right now :*)
12:30:08 From Martha Stark, MD : Replying to "use hydroxyapatite f..."

Thank you, Steve, for the reminder – Hydroxyapatite (HA) is a ceramic material that forms the mineral phase of bone. It is comprised primarily of calcium and phosphate at a respective ratio of 1.67. HA has been used extensively within the world of orthopedics as a biomaterial to promote tissue regeneration.
12:30:23 From Kumar Rao : Where can you get non-contaminated seaweed? What is the safe form of iodine to take for general health maintenance?
12:30:56 From Steve : Replying to "use hydroxyapatite f..."

The product I use is from animal sourece. OraWellness
12:30:58 From - : Iodine dips with water and see salt changed my life and cleared acne and facial break outs. Sinuses were vastly improved.
12:31:47 From Steve : Replying to "Where can you get no..."

There's a brand that get's their seaweed from Maine coast.
12:34:18 From Martha Stark, MD : What about the impact of something like Biosil on TSH? Does Biosil artificially depress the TSH level?
12:35:54 From Patricia Hinojosa : how do you detect Bromide toxicity ?
12:36:05 From Martha Stark, MD : Steve – Thank you! I see that Terry Naturally Tor-Iodine 12.5 mg gets RAVE reviews!!
12:36:17 From Martha Stark, MD : Replying to "Steve – Thank you! I..."

correction – Tri-Iodine 12.5 mg
12:36:49 From Steve : Replying to "Steve – Thank you! I..."

yes. how long have you been on every-other-day regimine?
12:36:57 From karen : Will men benefit from iodine supplementation if they have already had a prostatectomy? Will it prevent recurrence?
12:37:18 From Martha Stark, MD : Replying to "Steve – Thank you! I..."

for a few months, Steve, I have been on it every other day – do you think that is a problem>
12:37:46 From Steve : Has it been mentioned? Anything in circulation bind iodine?
12:39:45 From Dr. Tom Lewis : https://www.iherb.com/pr/terry-naturally-tri-iodine-12-5-mg-90-capsules/23508?gclid=Cj0KCQiAuqKqBhDxARIsAFZELmJUeCw-KtKCX3FwuU116BBCAd-iA20UOD3BY50vMIdgZchXT-ZWcvYaAtryEALw_wcB
12:40:25 From Linda Anderson : Does Lugol's have a shelf life?
12:41:19 From lsmith1 : Is there a home test that you can do to check your iodine levels? How accurate is it? and what would you recommend if someone what to to this home test but they wake frequently at night to go to bathroom?
12:41:47 From Joy Gentle : Is there benefit to just daily painting of iodine on inner arms rather than taking orally?
12:41:56 From Brenda : Replying to "Where can you get no..."

Maine Coast Dulse, I think
12:42:34 From Brenda : How do you make your nose spray?
12:42:44 From Steve : The EYEodine is awesome!!
12:42:47 From John Powers : What iodine nose spray do you recommend?
12:43:34 From Brenda : What are iodine dips?
12:43:34 From Olin Idol : where can the replay be accessed?
12:43:58 From John Powers : Hydronated water would be best.
12:44:00 From Stefan Hartmann, PA-C : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1lmUAORNlrEybRvspx_fCkqJNmbniPApLle_gIkEnJ6M/edit?usp=sharing link to slides
12:44:17 From Patricia Hinojosa : can we take iodine with antioxidants ?
12:44:30 From Steve : Replying to "where can the replay..."

Will be posted on the HRP Rumble channel
12:44:38 From John : Dr Lewis: what is the concentration of your nasal spray?
12:44:55 From Steve : Replying to "https://docs.google...."

Thank You!
12:44:57 From - : Replying to "What are iodine dips..."

Filling a large bowl with water and place iodine drops and sea salt in the water. Hold your breathe and place face in water several times.
12:45:40 From Laird Wellness : Can you address dosage with Hashimoto’s.
12:45:43 From Steve : Replying to "What are iodine dips..."

@- Purpose?
12:46:32 From Joy Gentle : Replying to "The EYEodine is awes..."

Steve, what benefits are you seeing from this iodine eye roll-on product?
12:47:10 From Brenda : Replying to "What are iodine dips..."

Thank you! About how much iodine and salt?
12:47:11 From - : Iodine Dips: Filling a large bowl with water and place iodine drops and sea salt in the water. Hold your breathe and place face in water several times.
12:47:35 From - : Enough salt to make eyes comfortable. Blink several times
12:48:05 From Steve : Replying to "The EYEodine is awes..."

I've been doing the eyelid 'sanding' technique for a good while, and was working great. But I started getting blepharitis and other issues in the last couple weeks.
The EYEodine stopped, and corrected the issue immediately.
12:49:01 From Steve : Replying to "Iodine Dips: Filling..."

What's the purpose of this?
12:49:17 From Doris Fellenz : Replying to "Iodine Dips: Filling..."

I love the EyeOdine.
12:49:58 From - : Replying to "Iodine Dips: Filling..."

@Steve Sinus, acne
12:50:07 From - : Replying to "Iodine Dips: Filling..."

12:50:16 From Steve : Replying to "Iodine Dips: Filling..."

@- Interesting,,,,,, tnx
12:50:20 From Joy Gentle : Reacted to "I've been doing the ..." with 👍
12:50:34 From Steve : Replying to "Iodine Dips: Filling..."

but, as we know, acne is an internal issue.
12:50:51 From Joel B Peterson : Can someone put in chat what Iodine supplement you use or recommend! We only have low dose at Clearfields
12:51:27 From - : Replying to "Iodine Dips: Filling..."

‘Eyelid sanding”?
12:52:14 From Whitney Cooley : in patients who are taking beta blockers, steroids, and amiodarone the conversion of t4 to t3 is blocked. will iodine continue to feed t4 in this case and not benefit t3? have you noticed this in your patients?
12:52:17 From Martha Stark, MD : Replying to "Can someone put in c..."

Joel – Steve suggests the highly rated Terry Naturally Tri-Iodine and others take RLC Labs i-Throid
12:52:42 From Steve : Reacted to "Joel – Steve suggest..." with 👍
12:52:54 From Olin Idol : Have you evaluated Nascent iodine?
12:53:03 From Joy Gentle : Liquid Mask
12:53:29 From integrative brain : How do you make topical solution for the scalp, dr. Lewis spoke of.....I assume somehow discolored iodine?
12:53:43 From - : Total Clean iodine based cleaner.
12:53:46 From Joy Gentle : Replying to "Liquid Mask"

The name of Gene Rosov's iodine sinus spray.
12:53:59 From Stasha Roberts : What is your Rumble channel?
12:54:08 From Joel B Peterson : Reacted to "Joel – Steve suggest..." with ❤️
12:54:09 From Brenda : Will iodine help with cysts in regard to PCOS?
12:54:24 From Joel B Peterson : Replying to "Can someone put in c..."

Thank you Martha
12:54:25 From Doris Fellenz : Are we able to get copies of the documents Stephan showed us?
12:54:35 From Stefan Hartmann, PA-C : To learn more stuff like this follow my YouTube channel Iron Direct Primary Care https://www.youtube.com/@irondirectprimarycare9440/videos
12:54:36 From Steve : I do not notice any stinging in eyes
12:54:49 From Doris Fellenz : No Stinging at all.
12:54:58 From Sherrys iPhone : I’m using drops. It says 200 mcg which is 6 drops. Of selenium. Is that too much with iodine?
12:55:07 From - : Just started using last week. Love it. According to the company the product has only been available to consumers within the last year https://hypoair.com/product/totalclean/
12:55:09 From Steve : Replying to "Are we able to get c..."

Doris, he already posted the link to this in the chat
12:55:17 From - : Great for carpets: https://hypoair.com/product/totalclean/
12:55:26 From Martha Stark, MD : Replying to "I do not notice any ..."

Steve – maybe that’s because you already scrape your eyelids?
12:55:58 From Steve : I add much povidone to shampoo and leave it on for a while
12:56:19 From Steve : Replying to "I do not notice any ..."

12:56:41 From - : Replying to "What is your Rumble ..."

12:57:00 From Dr. Tom Lewis : Steve: Great technique. I use a goat milk soap - nothing liquid so I just use it more-or-less straight with some water - no specific measurements.
12:57:17 From Dr. Tom Lewis : I was not the best bench chemist - more physical then bench!
12:57:28 From Martha Stark, MD : Dr. Tom and Joy – How long does a bottle of Gene Rosov’s Liquid Mask last you?
12:57:41 From Steve : Replying to "Steve: Great techni..."

excellent. real experiments don't measure :*)
12:57:52 From Martha Stark, MD : Replying to "I was not the best b..."

12:57:58 From Steve : Replying to "Steve: Great techni..."

12:58:20 From Brenda : Can you take iodine if you have renal disease?
13:00:00 From Dr. Tom Lewis : Martha: I just do a very quick light spray. I have been using the most recent one for about 3 months. I do not do it every day - I do it based on my nasal passage clarity.
13:01:47 From Brenda : But can they take lugols iodine internally with renal disease?
13:01:56 From Whitney Cooley : radiocontrast blocks t4 to t3 conversion also
13:02:07 From Martha Stark, MD : When you do a very quick light spray of the Liquid Mask, does that mean you point the tip into your nostril – ultimately into both – and spray?
13:02:15 From Caron : Do you think the iodine protocol will help alleviate a problem with gallstones?
13:02:40 From Steve : Ana Mihalcea: Humanity United Now - Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD cross-posted a post from Interest of Justice

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD
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13:02:45 From Dr. Tom Lewis : Martha yes
13:02:54 From Martha Stark, MD : Reacted to "Martha yes" with 😃
13:03:02 From integrative brain : Thank you kindly
13:03:05 From Martha Stark, MD : Thank you, Stefan!

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