Woke Jesus: Dangers to Christianity & America from Christian Left

3 months ago

Author; "Woke Jesus" Pastor Lucas Miles
Rose: “The hot topics of the day are Biblical more than they are Political"
God asked Adam and Eve who told you you were naked? In the same way Lucas challenges Pastors today: Who told you that abortion is a political issue? That marriage and sexuality, and national sovereignty are political issues?
Looking at Israel it is clear that theology is driving the events.
If Politics are dictating our faith - we are in big trouble.
As a church we need to be able to meet those coming out of some of the darkest places now and in the future.
Today’s social justice movements call for equality, civil rights, love . . . solid Christian values, right? What if there is more to social justice than Christians understand? Even worse: What if we have been duped into preaching ideas that actually oppose the Kingdom of God?

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