This Baby Got His Mind Blown By Sister's Face Paint

Published October 19, 2017 10,552 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsWhen Jackson’s big sister Wanda came back from an event, she had her face painted in a glamorous fashion. It would seem that pink and purple are her favorite colors, making her look like a princess from a fairy tale.

However, she does not look like the sister that baby Jackson knows, so their mom and dad decided to capture the baby’s adorably <a href="" target="_blank">hilarious reaction</a> on camera!

Every time Wanda get up close to her baby brother’s face, her changed appearance makes the baby’s mouth drop in awe and wonder. Who is this person? Why is her face like that? It sure is adorable to watch, but all too uncommon.

We can’t tell for sure if the baby really doesn’t recognize his big sister behind the <a href="" target="_blank">face paint</a>, but one thing is for sure - baby Jackson is attracted to the colors on her face! Babies start recognizing color around three months of age and the first color they start distinguishing is the color red. Obviously, the red pigment is prominent on Wanda’s face, which makes her shape stand out from the rest of the room!

A newborn doesn't see in color at all, thus their early fascination with black-and-white patterns and playthings. Their color vision is fully in place by 4 months.