Footage Of What Rizzo Actress From Grease Looks Like These Days

Published October 18, 2017 361,340 Plays

Rumble This video entitled “Footage Of What Rizzo Actress From Grease Looks Like These Days” covers some interesting territory for all classic movie fans. The video begins depicting an iconic scene from the movie where Rizzo is seen standing in the hallway of the school. She wears the iconic blue collared button down blouse that characterizes her “tomboy like/tough” style. To her right is a student election sign with a white background and red letters that read “Patty Simcox for Carnival Queen.” Patty is a character that is introduced in another scene, and she is practically Rizzo’s opposite. Rizzo was a very pretty girl, but she was not the “school hottie.” However, she was popular, and she did have a few boys after her. Rizzo was also portrayed as loose, where the other characters were not. The main character, Sandy, is known for being respectful, both to herself and to others. She refuses to let her heartthrob, Danny, cross a line.

In 1978, the film “Grease” was an instant classic. Stockard Channing became a star as Rizzo. Channing was only thirty-four years old at the time when the movie was filmed, and her character became one of the top favorites from the movie. Today it may be a little strange to have a thirty-four-year-old play the part of a high schooler, but most of the cast in the movie were much older than high school age. While there are many parts of the movie where it is overwhelmingly obvious that the actors are much older than high school age, they still played their parts very well.

This movie put Stockard Channing on the map, so to speak. She was not necessarily a household name before the movie was released, but everyone in America knew who she was when the movie came out. Unfortunately, this would soon after and eventually prove to be the peak of her career. Recently, she has appeared on ITV’s “Lorraine,” and of course, she looks much, much different now at seventy-three years old. Some have speculated that she may have had plastic surgery done. However, even though she obviously is showing her age more in that clip, there is no denying that she still looks pretty darned good for a seventy-three-year-old woman. Regardless of what society may say about her looks and aged appearance, this woman is arguably one of the best artists and actresses that has ever graced the television screens of Americans all through the decades. Her wide-eyed expression has always made her fans smile when they see her face. The video even poses the question, “Do you think she had plastic surgery done?” The video encourages viewers to share their opinions in the comment section below the video.

Movie fans around the world are grateful to this beautiful actress for giving us all an incredible memory and experience watching the iconic movie she starred in that led her to become one of the many darlings of America. Thanks, Rizzo!

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