Check Out The Music Video For 'Daddy's Little Girl' By Aaron Dickson

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Published: October 18, 2017

Our children are aching for daddies who will put down their phones, disconnect from work to connect with them on their level, and spend quality time fostering a lifelong bond rooted in strength, love, and commitment.

That is why Aaron Dickson wrote this song that he dedicated to his daughter Annalynne. Aaron, who owns an insurance company called ‘Because of Camilito’ in Bellingham, Washington that gives 100% of their profits to charity, also made a video with his little girl called “<a href="" target="_blank">The Best First Date</a>", where he shows his princess how a man should truly treat her and we are melting!

In the short movie, we see Aaron getting prepared, and later nervously ringing a doorbell. But then his date comes to the door with the biggest smile on her face, looking just like a princess in her gorgeous polkadot dress!

Annalynne notices that her date is a little nervous, so she lands him a kiss to ease his nerves, then grabs him by the hand and takes him to the patio. There, Aaron gives his date a bouquet of red roses, before the waiter brings them their dinner.

They finish the date with a surprise piggyback ride and capped everything off with a hug and a kiss! Now that is how a real man treats his girl!


Daddy’s Little Girl
by Aaron Dickson
Produced by Ed & Scott Cash
Video By: Joel & Matt Bergsma
Aaron Dickson - "The Best First Date"

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