You’ll be amazed to see the afternoon ritual of this horse. It was spotted at unusual place!

Published October 18, 2017 184,253 Plays

Rumble The actions of some animals leave us speechless. They can be so unexpected. For instance, this man was very surprised to see the unusual ritual of the horse. She swam in his swimming pool and enjoyed life. He could not believe his eyes. It looked so unreal! But this was not a dream. The horse cautiously evaluated where to step to get out when she it was time to leave the pool, and this is the hardest thing. Most horses would not be able to do it. But this one made it without particular problem. That means that it’s not the first time she does it and it was a usual thing for the horse. The animal should have done it many times.

The scene looks surreal but it’s true. It happened in Mallorca.