Lazy Raccoon Eats Chips Off His Belly

RocketDaRaccoon Published October 18, 2017 1,740 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsPicture this: you're coming home from a long and rough day at the office, you turn on the TV and your favorite show is on. The bag of chips is ready for devouring and the couch is ready and comfy for you. So you pop open the chips, lay on the couch and start munching away while watching your show. Now, imagine that, but with a raccoon. Did you hear that? Yeah, that's the sound of things becoming even cuter!

Many people may not think of raccoons as suitable pets but those who do decide to get one as a pet find that they make fascinating and funny companions, although prone to a little, or maybe a lot, of mischief.

The cuteness level in this video is through the roof as Rocket the pet raccoon enjoys his favorite snacks. He's so lazy that he doesn't even bother standing up and eating like a normal raccoon. His belly serves like a tray and he just picks up the chips and munches away.

Raccoons will go great lengths for a snack. Take for example this little fella that persistently tries to fish out a yummy strawberry. Have you ever witnessed such determination? Rocket here didn't even have to bother to work for his snack, he has it all right in front of him.