We’ve All Seen Cats In Boxes Before, But NOTHING Like This! What The…

animalstv Published October 18, 2017 9 Plays

Rumble There has always been a strange connection between cats and their boxes. For them, there isn’t a place in the world which is more relaxing than the box. And one rule applies – You can do whatever you want, but you better stay away from the box.

Maras the cat is one of those cats. He enjoys relaxing in his box but after a while things get bored. Is there a better way to fight boredom than to imagine your tail is another cat trying to get into your box? Although his owner claims Maras is “as stupid as he is cute” we wouldn’t agree completely. Yes, he is cute, but he definitely isn’t stupid. He just knows how to fight boredom – who cares if it’s just his tail.