Freedom Enough 042_The Brilliant "Fit Parent Civil Rights Case" by Troll Matthew Phillips

6 months ago

Who do children belong to - parents, or the State?

Can a Family Law judge take your kid away from you, even though you have never been found to be an unfit parent?

They do it all the time, but is it OK?

Does the California Judicial Council have a policy where it trains judges to violate parental rights on purpose?

What will be the result of new federal civil rights lawsuit filed by attorney T Matthew Phillips?

Hello world - Alexander C. Baker, JD, Nov. 5, 2023
Freedom Enough 042 - The Brilliant "Fit Parent Civil Rights Case" by Troll Matthew Phillips, Esq.

Today I'm going to break down a new civil rights case pending federal court in Los Angeles. Seeking to become a class action case, 10 California Parents have sued the Judicial Council of California for their alleged policy of training Family Law judges to disrespect their fundamental, constitutional right to parent. None of these 10 plaintiffs was ever found to be an unfit parent, yet each one received a Court order allowing them Zero parenting time with their kid.

Folks, this happened to me too. It has happened to literally millions of parents across the country. Judges all know its not in the "best interst of the children" to take them away from good parents. They do it because the despicable divorce industry makes billions of dollars forcing people to litigate, plus - Destroying the bond between parent and child is a key element in communism. Those two things - destroying families and taking the money - easily explains why the Family Court judges make most of the orders that they do.

So we break down this lawsuit, brought by this guy - T Matthew Phillips. I must say, this Complaint is nothing short of brilliant. That's coming from me, and you all know, as a legal expert, I have been harshly critical of fake, puppet show lawsuits. This is not that. This lawsuit presents a very strong argument that it is illegal for any judge to take your parenting time away from you unless and until you have found to be an unfit parent, meaning that you have committed (i) child
abuse, (ii) neglect, (iii) abandonment, or (iv) endangerment.

But I do sometimes refer to this lawyer as Troll Matthew Phillips, instead of Todd Matthew Phillips, and for pretty good reason. Toward the end of the hour I will get into our history of disagreeableness, his lack of transparency, and his repeated baseless threats to sue me. I am big enough to separate these negative impressions about him from a very positive analysis of his legal argumentation in the instant Civil Rights case.

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Sovreign Immunity

Judicial Immunity

Judges are granted immunity from civil suit in the exercise of their judicial functions. This rule applies even where the judge's acts are alleged to have been done maliciously and corruptly. Judicial immunity is a principle of common law which is necessary for the welfare of the state and the peace and happiness of society. Almost as venerable as immunity for judges is immunity for prosecutors. When a quasi-judicial officer, such as a prosecutor, acts within his or her official capacity the prosecutor, like a judicial officer, enjoys absolute immunity.

Bocanegra v. Jakubowski, 241 Cal. App. 4th 848, 850

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