Sophisticated Lizards Sit Down Together For Family Meal

M_durand3 Published October 17, 2017 1,851 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIn a spectacular display of class and exceptional table manners, we get to see how these newborn blue tongue skinks behave at the dinner table, or rather in their box. The sextet of lizards is sitting casually by the paper plate where their dinner is served, eating slowly without any rush, chewing completely and not smacking their mouths.

We are astonished to witness such young creatures with such exceptional manner. Bravo!

For a member of the skink family, blue-tongued <a href="" target="_blank">skinks</a> are among the best suited for lives in captivity for several reasons. Being relatively slow-moving, they’re not as difficult to handle compared to most of the slender skink species. Blue-tongued skinks’ short, thick physique makes them easy to hold, even by children. Although a biter is occasionally encountered, most adult blue-tongued skinks are loathe to even open their mouths, much less show off their startlingly fat, blue tongues that earned them their common name.

T. scincoides bears four to 10 live young, each resembling miniature adults. The young should be treated just like adults for their basic care. Litters of young should be housed in separate units to avoid bickering over food, and to avoid the possible loss of digits from aggressive nipping. (source: