Woman Has The Best Time For Her 60th Birthday

maiadoherty Published October 17, 2017 7,336 Plays $16.81 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsIt is really hard to stage a good surprise in the age of the Internet. You see a lot of good examples and it seems as though all of the good ones are taken and whatever you do, it just won’t be as spectacular as you would like. But if there is one thing to remember, it’s that the surprise in itself isn’t as half as important as the people with the intent to surprise you in the first place.

The following footage shows us exactly what surprise birthday parties really are for. You would just want to gather all of the people that matter to the birthday boys and girls and the rest will come into place. A family staged a surprise party for this woman's 60th birthday. She was completely shocked and is hit with a double-whammy when a few minutes later her best friend, who flew in to make a special appearance, also surprises her.

It would be very hard to get a better reaction out of someone! This mom was so shocked by all of the people attending her party she didn’t know who to greet first. She went around giving hugs to everyone and screaming her excitement. Her family knew that she would absolutely love the last surprise, so they revealed it at the end. Hidden behind a half a dozen family members was her best friend who made the effort to attend the party. It definitely was a happy birthday!

A family arranged an unexpected gathering for this amazing lady's 60th birthday celebration. She was totally stunned and is hit with a one-two punch when a couple of minutes after the fact her closest companion, who flew in to show up, additionally shocks her. It would be difficult to show signs of improvement response out of somebody!

Surprises are the best! And every human needs a good surprise once in a while! Delightful surprises like this can make your whole day. Not only that! A good surprise works on the dopamine system in our brain, helping us to focus our attention on good things and also surprises inspire us to look at our situations in new ways.

Being surprised activates the pleasure centers in our brain and gives us a nice shot of dopamine, which makes experiences more enjoyable. Who doesn’t enjoy a good surprise after all? Some flowers, a getaway weekend with the loved ones or big birthday cake! It all explains why these kinds of surprises activate the pleasure centers in our brains!

Also, an amazing fact about surprises is that they make us learn more! Studies have shown that surprises actually drives the motivation to learn and that is a really important tool for our development. Let’s just say that today this woman found out that she is loved by her family and friends! That they will do anything to be with her and to spend her day with her, cherishing her with love, hugs, and kisses! What an amazing birthday party this is!