POPE TO RIG FUTURE PAPAL ELECTIONS: Will Women Choose the Next Pope?

3 months ago

In this Special Post-Synod Report, Michael J. Matt discusses the latest news out of Rome that Pope Francis is considering a new “reform” that would “synodalize” future papal conclaves by giving lay men and women a vote in choosing future popes.

In helping us understand what this is really all about, Michael travels to the largest catacomb in Rome – the Domitilla Catacomb – the setting for an event that took place in November of 1965, when 45 Council Fathers of Vatican II signed an oath to transform the Catholic Church into something that would present no obstacle whatsoever to the rise of a future new global political order and a one world religion.

It was called “The Catacombs Pact” and it is the Rosetta Stone for interpreting everything from Vatican II to the Synod on Synodality to this latest revolutionary act to permanently alter the process by which future popes will be chosen. Get ready for Francis II, folks! Say goodbye to the tradition of cardinals electing popes. Francis wants it all “reformed” as part of his revolution to change the Catholic Church forever.

The Catacombs Pact was the veritable constitution of the Synodal Church. God help us all.

Pope Francis Drafting New Document to Reform the Papal Conclave: https://remnantnewspaper.com/web/index.php/articles/item/6883-pope-francis-drafting-new-document-to-reform-the-papal-conclave

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