Disaffected: Nov 4, 2023

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As massive anti-Jewish sentiment breaks out across the west, the US and UK governments are launching. . what? "Anti-islamophobia" initiatives. While hundreds of thousands of pro-Hamas supporters throng the streets of Western cities, we're told by our government that is they, not the Jews, who are in danger. The psychopathic reversals are now immediate.

What's the difference between "feeling unsafe" and actually being unsafe? Newsweek opinion editor (and Jewish woman) Batay Ungar-Sargon goes on Fox News to make an important point. There's "feeling" unsafe, and there's actually being unsafe. And as intimidated as Jewish college kids may feel, standing up for themselves to the bullies is a better path than asking mommy or daddy college president to soothe them.

AI misgendering, lunatic young women with red mullets, and actual, honest-to-God Joan Crawford memorabilia takes us to the end of the show.

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