Amazing weight loss story will blow your mind!

Published October 17, 2017 1,554 Plays

Rumble This trailer for the film Unsupersize Me is a true story about overcoming insurmountable odds to reach your goals.

The successful documentary Unsupersize Me received many awards and honors at The Accolade Film Festival, the Indie Film Festival and most recently at the International Film Festival for Environment, Health, and Culture. The movie documents the inspiring story of Juan-Carlos Asse, owner of Zen Fitness and director of this amazing award-winning weight loss and health documentary.

After a stint in prison, he committed himself to becoming a better and healthier person, so he dedicated himself to master the science of nutrition and <a href="" target="_blank">fitness</a>. The movie follows Juan-Carlos as he embarks on a <a href="" target="_blank">weightloss</a> journey with Tracy Ryan, a woman who has been morbidly obese her entire life. With the help of Juan-Carlos, Tracy is able to release herself from the unhealthy prison that has been holding her down, to a healthy, active woman climbing mountains and running half marathons, a woman living life to its fullest.

"Unsupersize Me is so powerful because it is honest and true," said Asse. "The film festival awards have meant so much to us because it shows that the world wants change. The critics see the value of what this film has to offer."

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