"Gender Equity Advocate" Lauren Neal Joins Jesse! (Ep. 335)

1 month ago

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On this week's episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson is joined by Lauren Neal—She is an advocate for gender equity and career progression within STEM industries and the author of 'Valued at Work: Shining a Light on Bias to Engage, Enable, and Retain Women in STEM'. In this engaging dialogue, Jesse and Lauren explore the complex landscape of gender equity, the unique challenges women face in STEM fields, and the impact of societal bias. While their perspectives on this matter may differ, the conversation serves as a platform for open discourse, encouraging viewers to consider various viewpoints and form their own opinions. Don't miss this episode, which not only sheds light on gender equity but also champions the power of respectful dialogue in navigating important societal topics. Tune in on Friday at 12 Noon Pacific Time / 3:00 PM Eastern Time to catch our Premiere!

How to find Lauren:
Her Book: https://www.amazon.com/Valued-Work-Shining-Engage-Enable/dp/1788604687/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurenneal/

00:00 Start
00:40 Welcome to The Fallen State!
01:04 Lauren Neal
01:40 What is STEM?
01:53 At 18 Lauren was one of the UK’s top computer students
03:09 Lauren’s father is an engineer
03:48 Is Lauren interested in “girly things”?
04:48 Does Lauren tell men what to do?
06:12 Did Lauren ever hear any “guy talk”?
08:40 Why do women overthink about what men say to each other?
11:04 The language JLP used made Lauren feel uncomfortable
12:41 The problems with men and women working together
13:40 Lauren is more concerned with someone’s intent
15:02 Work and life are intertwined these days
16:45 Equity vs equality
18:20 Is Lauren a feminist?
20:20 Should a married woman with kids be allowed to work?
21:33 Every time the man listens to the woman he suffers
22:27 Should a woman obey her husband?
24:55 Do educated women make for good wives and mothers?
26:49 If Lauren was married would she obey her husband?
27:56 Are men equal to women?
29:29 Men have to lower their standards to work with women
34:44 Should men and women play sports against one another?
40:30 What is a gender equity consultant?
41:38 Why do companies hire outsiders to consult their business?
44:19 This came about after POC’s started complaining about whites
45:05 Lauren believes there’s a lot of bias in the world
47:05 JLP talks about when he first started working
48:05 Lauren met a mechanical engineer who worked as a secretary
49:58 Women are better secretaries than men
50:35 2017 Study on British women’s mental health
51:52 Women are more emotional
52:48 Men shouldn’t share their problems with a woman
54:54 When women get hired they want to hire more women - JLP
56:45 JLP remembers services being better when it was just men working
58:45 Things will only get worse
59:04 Was Lauren closer to her mother or father growing up?
59:46 Do you have anger?
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1:06:12 Credits

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