Episode 419: Destroying Modern Democracy in America

8 months ago

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We must become fully energize in destroying modern democracy in America. That is ‘democracy’ as it is used by those who manipulate the idea of the original intent in meaning. I am personally outraged and tired of anyone, including so called conservative and any Republican, using ‘democracy’ outside of its foundational context. Because the educational system is corrupted, we have lost the truth of that foundational context.
This lost truth is not new. In his letter to Thomas Jefferson dated December 25, 1813, John Adams was already turning from Orthodox Christianity to Unitarianism. But unlike the total depravity of modern Unitarians, Adams had high regard for the impact and importance of Fundamental Christianity in every aspect of American society and politics. Adams wrote: (my emphasis added)

‘Zaleuct,s, the legislator of Locris, and Charondas of Sybaris, were disciples of Pythagoras, and both celebrated to immortality for the wisdom of their laws, five hundred years before Christ. Why are those laws lost? I say, the spirit of party has destroyed them ; civil, political, and ecclesiastical bigotry. Despotical, monarchical, aristocratical, and democratical fury, have all been employed in this work of destruction of every thing that could give us true light, and a clear insight of antiquity. For every one of these parties, when possessed of power, or when they have been undermost, and struggling to get uppermost, has been equally prone to every species of fraud and violence and usurpation. Why has not Priestley mentioned these legislators? The preamble to the laws of Zaleucus, which is all that remains, is as orthodox Christian theology as Priestley's, and Christian benevolence and forgiveness of injuries almost as clearly expressed.’

Oops, like myself, I wonder if you recognize the inference to Christian Nationalism in the last sentence?

18th Century Meaning of Democracy
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