Dog Desperately Needs To Go Potty, Mistakes Man For Fire Hydrant

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Say what you want to say, but we are all animals. The only thing separating us from the ones in the wilderness is society and its strict etiquette. Although we might want to do some basic things out in the open, we are expected to behave with utmost decorum and wait and prolong our agony until we are alone in the privacy of our homes. Dogs and pets are a little different when it comes to etiquette, but their symptoms and desires are no different than that of humans.

The animals that we want to make ourselves believe aren’t just like us actually have no problem whatsoever in doing whatever they want, whenever they want. According to Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, the human personality consists of three parts, id, ego and superego. The id part represents all of our bodily needs - the need to feed, sleep and reproduce, the superego part is the one that bends under the rules of society which tells us that we shouldn’t hunt no matter what in order to satiate our hunger, we shouldn’t sleep the whole day through and we must definitely keep our private bits away from prying eyes. The ego part is the final product. It’s what we project as our personality when we manage to balance our primal needs and the needs of our society. In other animals, the superego part is less potent as it is with humans and this is why it we consider them to be more wild than us, because most of the time they remain slaves to their baser needs.

A street camera in Brazil captured a guy sitting on a curb minding his own business when a dog comes up behind him, lifts his leg, and demonstrates the classic sympton and need to urinate. It takes the man a second to realize what happened, after which he doesn't take lightly.

This footage shows the funny moment captured by CCTV on an early Friday morning, on October 13, 2017, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when a dog mistakes a man for a fire hydrant!

A man is sitting down on the curb and looking at his phone when a white dog strolls up behind the man and smells his back. After a few sniffs, the dog comes to the conclusion that this is a perfectly fine place to urinate, so he proceeds and urinates. Seemingly unaware of what is going on behind him, the man shoots up off his feet and feels his back after the urine seeps into his shirt. The dog is quick and gets away. A brown dog then strolls up to the man after he has taken his top off to examine the side effects, where he then walks away in disgust.

This footage may seem funny to those of you who haven't experienced something like this, however, for those of us who have, this is obviously not something we wish upon anyone. Just like humans, dogs and pets will have the urgent symptom to need to urinate.

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