Jingle Smells

6 months ago

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Get ready for a heartwarming and hilarious holiday adventure like no other! Meet Nick Gutman, a young war vet who's back home and changed forever from experiencing the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan firsthand. He's a magnet for trouble, and guess who's on his tail every time? His own dad, the strict and no-nonsense Police Chief, Dusty Gutman (John Schneider).

But when Nick's last wild escapade pushes his dad to the limit, Captain Gutman pulls a surprising move. He lands his son a job with his old war buddies, who just happen to be a bunch of quirky garbage men.

These garbage men are hired to conduct a wild secret mission - they're tasked with destroying perfectly good toys by Christmas Eve. These are toys that were "canceled" and pulled from the shelf because movie star Mason Stone (James Storm) shockingly posted a video saying “God Bless America and May He Protect Our Troops”- and social media trolls were not happy!

A chance encounter with a struggling family opens Nick's eyes and touches his heart. He can't bear the thought of ruining those toys when they could bring so much joy to kids who need it most. So, he embarks on a daring and hilarious Robin Hood-style adventure! Join Nick as he becomes, as the kids like to call him, "Jingle Smells!"

The head of the toy company, played by the Academy Award Nominee Eric Roberts, catches wind of the garbage man Santa's antics. Now, Jingle Smells is on the run, with the fate of Christmas cheer hanging in the balance!

Get ready for belly laughs and heartwarming moments as Jingle Smells embraces the true spirit of family, faith, patriotism, and supporting our vets. It's a hilarious family comedy with a powerful message - a stand against cancel culture and a clear reminder to find strength in Christ during the Holiday season.

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