Mom Asked Him To Go To Bed. But How This Little Puppy Answers Back? Aww!

animalstvPublished: October 14, 2017Updated: October 16, 2017124 views
Published: October 14, 2017Updated: October 16, 2017

I can’t believe he actually closed his eyes! Soooo cute!!!

I just love for that cute little Frenchie. I see love, love, love! This is the cutest video ever!!

He has a comfy bed with a pillow. She was going to read some emails and wanted the little guy next to her, so she just threw a quick blanket in the box for him to hang out and it just happened to turn into a video.

You would argue too if you had an uncomfortable edge like that. Pug, bulldogs need to place their noses in a free área to breath free. not a wood barrier… preferably they like to place their nose/mouth on top of a soft pillow type cushion.. Most dogs like wood boxes but I´m sure they prefer a dog house (cardboard paper is fine) ´cause it resembles a cave (hole) like foxes and wolves in the wild…

I love this video. The reason the puppy is arguing about bedtime is because he is loved so much, he thinks he is a baby. Oh my god I would so hug him and sleep with him instead of putting him in that box.

She is a good owner. Dogs need to learn to follow a human’s schedule. Female dogs put puppies down for naps, bed and time-outs all the time. Get over yourselves and do some research people. I can tell that dog is very well loved..this video made me smile made my day and made everyone I shared it with happy!
Apart from being loyal and faithful, dogs are really entertaining as well. I am sure you might have caught your pooch doing some amusing stuff from time to time. Dogs normally act like little children. They need love and care like kids do and they can be pretty fussy about bedtime just like kids. Take for example the hilarious video given below!

Frenchie, the French bulldog, hates bedtime. Whenever his mom asks him to go to bed, he always puts up a fight. In this video, the same thing happens. Frenchie starts arguing with his mom about bedtime. When you hear his cute little whimpers, it will steal your heart for sure. What happened towards the end of this clip even more adorable!

This is totally an amazing video! Just watch and enjoy it! We hope that the time you spent on watching it, will boost your spirits!

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