What's the End Game and Why Would Anyone Want WW3? (From the Six Day War to Clean Break and Beyond)

4 months ago

Last week, I delivered a fairly comprehensive class on The Mel K Show dealing with the arsonists lighting the Middle East on fire with a brief overview of the past 120 years of the Holy Land and British intelligence operations playing all sides (Jew, Muslim and Christian) into a destructive frenzy for geopolitical purposes. (That class can be viewed here)

This week, Mel asked that I continue that lesson with a new deep dive into the origins of Hamas, the Israeli deep state, the inside job that was the Six Day War of 1967 and the Project for a new American Century neocon hive who promoted 'The Clean Break Doctrine' for Netanyahu in 1997 as a strategy for purging the Middle East of Arabs in order to establish 'Greater Israel'.

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