The Hard Topic of Child Abuse in New Zealand

6 months ago

Axxe from Templars Against Child Abuse

It was a privilege to spend a day with Axxe and his partner, even though the range of topics covered are very difficult to discuss. All advice and information given are Axxe’s own.

5:45 - Axxe’s work experience with CYFS and youth justice system
7:00 - State induced child trafficking, and legal system flaws
8:30 - Legal representation of child abusers - the crime vs the criminal
9:40 - National Union of Fathers
10:15 - NZ child abuse statistics
12:00 - Introduction to TACA
15:00 - Not a motorcycle gang, not claiming territory
15:40 - Crusade to fight the scourge of pedophilia in NZ
16:50 - TACA worldwide
17:05 - What TACA does to help children and their families
18:40 - NZ a pedophile haven, who and where are they?
21:10 - Child sex trafficking and pedophilia is increasing because of the money involved, now outstripping the drug trade
23:00 - Societal pressures including cost of living, both parents working, financial stress, less community connection
25:00 - Destruction of women in society, what does that mean for families?
28:20 - The importance of parent voice
29:40 - Abusers are usually known to the family/victim
31:00 - Children being abused - what can families do?
34:40 - Victims and how the state profits
36:00 - Working on best results for victims, to reduce the amount of further victims
37:10 - If you know of a pedophile you can alert TACA - and you have a ‘statutory obligation to report’

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